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Our Site is Open for Business!

November 2, 2018– Yay; our site is finally live and open for business! We want you to know that we are working hard to come up with new and beautiful items for your babies and children. With our official launch coming up on November 17, we couldn’t be more excited to share our one of a kind products.

Thank you to everyone who supports the makers, the artists, the entrepreneurs, and the ones with big dreams; we are so thankful for you and we are so thankful that you see as much value and beauty in our products as we do. You’re the reason that we are able to do this and the reason why we’re able to see our dreams come to light.

There will be new products and exciting collections coming soon! Be sure to subscribe to our site so that you don’t miss out on our “made once” designs.

Thank you for inviting us into your homes.
X Bronxbaby Designs

an original watercolour, framed 8×10


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Cuddly Inspiration…

June 15, 2018- By now I’m sure you’ve seen a few of the gorgeous blankets that we are offering in our current product line, but if not, here’s a link to our online Etsy Shop

I wanted to touch on where inspiration comes from when we are picking out materials for our blankets and how we choose designs. Cathy is our chief blanket maker, and thankfully, she never has a shortage of new and imaginative ideas! She gets some of her inspiration from the web of course, but most of the time, she has an idea in her mind’s eye that she’s so skillfully able to bring to life. For the black and white chevron blanket for example, as soon as she saw the yarn, she immediately knew that she wanted to do a bold pattern and that’s how the blanket was born.

I hand pick all of our yarn and try to focus on soft, beautiful colours that will look great in every home. It is imperative that all of the materials we use are machine washable and dryable because we know how busy you are.  I like things that are modern yet classic, and velvety textures are never a question! I choose high-quality fabrics that will stand up to whatever your life as a mom or dad has in store. All of our baby blankets are designed to be as unique as your child. Thank you for supporting our work, and the work of makers everywhere.

New in our collection! This black and white chevron blanket will be stunning in every home. Comes with handcrafted fox and watercolour greeting card. A great gift! 
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Meet Your Makers (Meet OUR makers actually!)

June 6, 2018– Our makers are real people. They’re grandmas and students, and artists and crafters. Some of them have government jobs, and others make and design crafts full-time. The point is, they all have differences, but they all have one thing in common; they love to create.

Cathy- She is the creator of all of our lovely, beautifully soft blankets that come in a variety of patterns and colours. Cathy is mother to three grown children and grandmother to two grandchildren. She has been knitting and crocheting for at least 20 years, and the thing she loves most about creating blankets for our line is that she gets to see new babies and mommies cuddling in her creations. Cathy is from Mount Hope.

Jane- She is the creator of our gorgeous and unique crocheted animals. I was lucky enough to meet Jane at a craft show, and we’ve never looked back! She is my go-to lady for all things fun! She’s created an Octopus, Unicorn, Owl, Penguin, Hedgehog, among many other fantastic characters. She has a knack for bringing animals to life with her expertise and craftsmanship.  Jane is from Caledonia.

Erin- She is the creator of some of our fabulous 8×10 watercolours and stunning greeting cards. Erin is a student at Sheridan College in the illustration and design program. She has created so many unique pieces for Bronxbaby Designs some of which include Lemurs, Scottie Dogs, Landscapes, and other animals. Erin is from Mississauga.

There are more makers in our line-up; Stay tuned for more info on our additional talent!

Beachwood Blanket and Octopus from our Under the Sea Collection
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Why Buy Local? Why Buy Handmade?

June 4, 2018- With everything going on in the news, tariffs being proposed, and the uncertainty of trade between markets, lots of people are shopping locally. I’ve always been one to support small businesses because I’m a small business owner myself, and I’m always on the hunt for things that are unique, one-of-a-kind, and special. I’m sure that you’ll agree with me when I say that there’s a time and a place for mass market merchandise, but with that said, we must be cognizant of what we are purchasing and where the product is made/manufactured.

The importance of buying locally cannot be understated. By supporting local businesses, we ensure that people have jobs, that they are paid fairly, and that our hard earned money is going to someone who works as hard as we do. When we buy local, we are supporting a dream.

Handmade items are just as important because, with every stitch, button, and swipe of a paintbrush, you are purchasing a piece of that artist. Whether it’s one of our stunning watercolour prints, or a crocheted octopus (coming soon), each item tells a story; It’s a story of a dreamer, a maker, and a do-it-yourselfer. It’s a story of an entrepreneur who has a vision of the world, of making it a more beautiful place with the items that they create. It’s a story of someone who refuses to give up.

When you buy local, handmade items, you get to look the person in the eye, ask questions about their creative process, and see the love and passion that they have for their people, their products, their business, and this country.

To everyone who buys local and supports entrepreneurs with a dream, thank you. To everyone who hasn’t had the opportunity to talk with local craftsman and business owners, what are you waiting for? You could make a world of difference to their life, their business, and their livelihood, and they could make a world of difference in your life too. Supporting entrepreneurs makes a huge difference in your community.


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What’s New at BronxBaby Designs?

May 31, 2018- Things are getting busy around here as we ramp up creation for our upcoming shows! We will create a list of events where you can find us so that you don’t miss out on an opportunity to own a handmade piece of art from our collection.

Our collections include original watercolours in 8×10 sizes, stunning blankets for strollers, cuddling, and snuggling, gorgeous handmade greeting cards that are perfect for every occasion, and adorable, crocheted animals!

Please email us at for any inquiries regarding pricing, our artists, and sizes. We look forward to your feedback and thank you for welcoming a piece of us into your family.

Left to right: Denver Ray (grey and white), Adam (black and white), and Olivia (pink, tan, and white) 


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The Beach Wood Blanket NEW!

May 14, 2018- Your baby will adore being cuddled in this soft blanket. Vintage white, blue and yellow, with gentle flecks of grey make this a beautiful keepsake for little boys and girls. This blanket that has been handcrafted with love. Sized at approximately 4’x4′ it’s the perfect size for snuggling and stroller time!

From the Beach Wood Collection
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Did You Know? We Are One of a Kind!

May 5, 2018- Did you know that all of the products on the BronxBaby Designs website are one of a kind? This means that our designs will NEVER be duplicated for the life of our business. We offer beautiful, handcrafted, EXCLUSIVE art and other products for children that will never be produced a second time. That means that you can rest easy that you’re getting something unique and distinctive. All of our products have been commissioned by local artists who are exceptional at their craft.

Stay tuned for the completion of our site in early September 2018! More details to come and exclusive discounts and insider information will be available to those who follow our site!


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Things are Starting to Take Shape!

May 3, 2018- Things are really starting to happen at BronxBaby Designs! Currently, I’m sourcing some fabulous products that are handmade with love and brought to you by local artists.

Some of the items we will be carrying include:

  • 8×10 original prints that are perfect for your child’s room or baby’s nursery
  • One of a kind greeting cards that are a special touch for any occasion
  • The softest baby blankets that make a beautiful shower gift
  • Crocheted critters that are perfect for snuggling

As BronxBaby Designs continues to grow, so will our product offerings. I’m always on the lookout for beautiful, unique items that will be a gorgeous addition to your home.

Thank you for all of your support in this new and amazing venture.



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The Journey Begins

April 27, 2018-Thanks for joining me; I’m so glad that you’ve decided to visit our site and check out our cool stuff for cool kids! I started this company with the hopes of providing high quality, unique items for children everywhere. The company is named after my nephew Denver who I have affectionately nicknamed, Bronxy. Denver, Denver Broncos, Broncs, Bronxy…get it?

From art to clothing, to greeting cards, and everything in between, if it’s cool-you’ll find it here! Everything is designed by local artists that have poured their hearts into their craft. Thank you for supporting our work and my vision.

We look forward to serving you and your children.