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Cuddly Inspiration…

June 15, 2018- By now I’m sure you’ve seen a few of the gorgeous blankets that we are offering in our current product line, but if not, here’s a link to our online Etsy Shop

I wanted to touch on where inspiration comes from when we are picking out materials for our blankets and how we choose designs. Cathy is our chief blanket idea person, and thankfully, she never has a shortage of new and imaginative ideas! She gets some of her inspiration from the web of course, but most of the time, she has an idea in her mind’s eye. For the black and white chevron blanket for example, as soon as she saw the yarn, she immediately knew that a bold pattern was in order and that’s how the blanket was born.

I hand pick all of our yarn and try to focus on soft, beautiful colours that will look great in every home. It is imperative that all of the materials we use are machine washable and dryable because we know how busy you are.  I like things that are modern yet classic, and velvety textures are never a question! I choose high-quality fabrics that will stand up to whatever your life as a mom or dad has in store. All of our baby blankets are designed to be as unique as your child. Thank you for supporting our work, and the work of makers everywhere.

New in our collection! This black and white chevron blanket will be stunning in every home. Comes with handcrafted fox and watercolour greeting card. A great gift! 

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